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Trademound's "Basic Plan" has beaten the market year after year by staying true to our fund manager's investing philosophy. We believe the best chance to succeed in the stock market is to buy at least 25 stocks in a diversified portfolio and hold them till the end of the holding/rebalancing period. It's important to understand that stocks can and do go down, but investing is still the best way to build long term wealth.


Trademound.com was founded by a successful Hedge Fund Manager who decided to help  investors  build long term wealth. The goal of Trademound.com is to help you outperform the market regardless of its direction. 

Whether you are wondering how to get started with stocks, or an experienced investor trying to add a new source of investing ideas to your portfolio, Trademound.com is for you.

When you decide to join us, you too will gain access to a portfolio of stocks that the fund managers trade in their own Hedge Fund.

Every Monday morning before the open you will receive a "Weekly Alert" email with 7 favorite stocks for the coming week!

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Basic Strategy

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As a subscriber of the "Basic Plan" you receive:

  • A "Weekly Alert" every Monday before the market open

  • Best undervalued gems for explosive opportunity

  • Portfolio of 7 stocks  opportunity

  • Top 3 Stocks

  • Timely Trade Alerts: When to Buy & Sell

  • Precise % Allocation and Share Amount to Invest: Easiest way to determine how much money to put in

  • Free "Allocation Calculator" to adjust position according to your own account size

  • Portfolio Managing Tips

  • And more to come...

What Happens After the Trial?

Most likely you will want to stay a member after the trial. If that is the case you have 1 great membership option available now and more options coming soon:

  • Basic Portfolio:       $49.99 per month


However, if the service doesn’t feel like the right fit for your investing style, then just cancel and not be charged anything. After your trial period, you will automatically be billed monthly. You may cancel your subscription at any time. 


Meaning there is absolutely no risk in taking a trial now. Just select “Basic Plan” membership option that will start billing after the 30 day trial ends, click the Start My Trial button.


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