Full Backtest Results for Our Premium Plan

Our Premium Plan members have financially benefitted the most through consistent growth over the past 12 years. 

Most Companies don't want to show you the full picture of their wins and losses over time. Not us. We are transparent because we want you to see the full view of our wins and our losses so you can see how we compare against our competitors!


Our Premium Plan Includes the Following Benefits:

"Daily Alert" Every day Before the Market Close

"Top3 " ValueGrowth Trademound Stocks 

"Top2" Oversold Stocks

Includes the  "Basic" Subscription!

Total of the best 20 Stocks to buy for Weekly Swing Trading

  • "Daily Alert" Every Day at least 40 minutes before the close

  • Best Stocks for a Diversified Portfolio

  • Includes "Top2" Oversold Stocks

  • Everything you get in the "Basic" Subscription!

  • Total of the best 20 Stocks to hold for Weekly Swing Trading

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Basic Backtest 1
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