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Premium Portfolio Backtest

In Trading, It’s Not About One-off
Wins or Losses, It’s About

No Second Guessing = Success!

Hardly a day goes by without receiving an email or a post from a "trading guru" claiming to have made several thousands of dollars that morning, while sitting on the beach...but do they show the full picture of their winds and losses over time? - No!

Not us. We want you to see the full view of our wins and losses so you can make the best decision for yourself. We aren't perfect...there is NO perfect! But, we're not afraid to show you everything.

What matters is consistency; are you able to make a profit not just today, but long-term!

Please review the performance of the Premium - Diversified Swing Trading Strategy!

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"Premium Plan" Statistics  Since Jan. 1 2010

"Premium Plan" includes a diversified portfolio of up to 20 stocks. This diversified portfolio uses a combination of :

1) Value Growth Stocks;

2) Fundamental and Technical Criteria; and

3) Best Oversold Stocks.

Premium Diversified:

  • 85,000% Compounded Return

  • $8,550,824 Compounded Return

  • 63% Win ratio

  • 12.3 Winning years

  • Average Drawdown -4%

  • Average Drawdown Duration 4.6 Weeks

Whether you are wondering how to get started with stocks, or an experienced investor trying to add a new source of investing ideas to your portfolio, this basic plan is a great entry level introduction to the world of stocks and investment. ​


As you can see, the average user has benefited this way and this way.

Trademound has beaten the market year after year by staying true to our fund manager's investing philosophy. Considering that many investments out there generate a 5-10% annual return, you can imagine how stratospheric the above return is in comparison. And the backtests even include tumultuous periods like the 2020 coronavirus crash.

To be clear, just because our stratgies performed like that in the past does not mean they will perform like that in the future. The future is not guaranteed. But considering that the S&P 500 gives an annual return of 9.8% per year over the last 90 years, you can see the potential. It's important to understand that stocks can and do go down but investing is still the best way to build long-term wealth.

Although the backtests have great returns, they also have noteworthy drawdowns. In other words, this isn't a free ride to extreme wealth. The potential for a higher return comes with plenty of risk. The good news it that the average drawdown furation in the backtest is as little as 5 weeks.

Backtest means applying our trading strategies against historical stock market data to see how the trades could have performed. The results shown on this page are not live trading results: they are results of the backtests. These results certainly do not guarantee future results. See disclaimer here.

Whether you are wondering how to get started with stocks, or you're an experienced investor trying to add a new source of investing ideas to your portfolio, is for you.


Premium Chart.PNG

"Premium Plan"  Algorithms Assumptions Made In Backtest

These results assume:

  • Compounding starting with a $10,000 account size

  • The account is fully invested in the Diversified Portfolio that appeared in Trademound’s Premium Alert

  • Total funds are split equally among all the stocks 

  • All trading, Buy and Sell orders are done on Fridays using its closing price

  • No slippage, as all trades are done using Market On Close orders. This approach greatly reduces any negative affects of slippage

  • No commissions fees as many brokers do not charge any

  • No Margin cost, since we DON’T use Risky Margin

Here is the breakdown that shows what the back tested, hypothetical returns and drawdowns were, respectively, by week:

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Why you should
trust Trademound

Trademound was founded by a successful Hedge Fund Manager who decided to help investors build long term wealth. The goal of is to help you outperform the market regardless of its direction.
We have experienced investors who analyze and monitor the best stock options on a daily basis to  ensure the best results for our clients.

Whether you're just getting started with trading stocks, or you're an experienced investor who is trying to diversify your portfolio, Trademound is for you!

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